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8 Tips to Get Settled into Your New Home

After a big move, your first instinct may be to start tackling the giant stacks of boxes that cover your new home. And while unpacking still tops the list, there are a few other less obvious things you will need to do before you can completely settle into your home. Get registered. This includes registering […]

4 Tips to Pet Proof Your New Home

A new home can be a wonderful upgrade for any family. However, this may come with more issues than you thought. Bringing pets into a different environment can become a headache very fast. Here are some tips to help with a smooth transition for you and your four-legged friends. 1. Keep everything out of reach. […]

Major Changes for Home Buyers from Fannie Mae

Some exciting changes have happened from Fannie Mae for home buyers! At the end of July, they put in place some major underwriting changes for loans submitted to Fannie Mae’s Desktop Underwriter (DU) system. These changes are making it easier for those looking to buy a home qualify for a loan. Important Highlights: The maximum […]