Summit Funding

We help get you there.

You have dreams, goals and ambitions… and while everybody is different, that’s something we all have in common, and that’s something that we consider above all else. Outside of providing the very best mortgage service, our real job is to pull out the stops and help you achieve everything you are trying to accomplish in life. Personally, and professionally… it all comes down to working with people who share YOUR vision and will do what it takes to help make it happen. 

That’s Summit Funding.

Since 1995, we have remained true to putting others first. Now with Loan Officers from coast-to-coast, we know it’s the right way to do business and (in our humble opinion) the only way.


Our Mission

Our goal is to provide a better way, and a better experience overall, for those securing a home loan. To that end, we strive daily to build a company in which the customer genuinely comes first. Each of our home loan experts is dedicated to providing quality mortgage services, deeper personal relationships, and real results. Easier said than done, we commit ourselves to this level of excellence, do the right thing, and show others that we genuinely care. In every sense, we are part of something greater than ourselves and that’s what makes Summit Funding unique in a crowded marketplace.

We are a group of people dedicated to improving our communities and changing people’s lives. 


Todd Scrima


Kris Ringrose

EVP of Mortgage Operations

Caleb Mittelstet

EVP of Sales

Roy Mall

EVP of Accounting,
Financing and Servicing

Mike Beeman

of Capital Markets

Dan Granieri

Chief Information Officer

"Most people do not do their very best. I demand people's best.
I have super high expectations and I expect people to exceed them."

Todd Scrima

Committed to providing an excellent
home lending experience.