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Purchase a Home.

Achieve your dreams.

Yes. You Can!

Buying a home is no small matter, and for most of us, this transaction represents one of the largest purchases of our lifetime. In many instances, the process can be overwhelming, especially to the first-time homebuyer who may be faced with questions, rules, and uncertainties that tend to add stress and complexity to the process.

Helping you reach your goals.

Whether you are purchasing your very first home or you are a repeat buyer, or maybe you are looking to finance a new construction, or you are looking to finance a second home or investment property, we are here to help you, guide you, motivate you and help you get it done! At our very core, Summit Funding, Inc. is not just a mortgage company; we are defined by our mission to be our best, and this means being the catalyst that fuels and helps bring your dreams to life.

WE ARE THE HOME LOAN EXPERTS! And we are here to help pave the way to a clear, well-defined home buying experience.
We are here to:

  • Answer your questions.
  • Perform a no-stress, no-obligation, no-cost consultation to get a clear picture of where you are on the journey, and make recommendations based on that.
  • Get you pre-qualified and pre-approved, so you can shop with confidence.
  • Help match you with a loan product that BEST fits your situation.
  • Deliver Summit's power of MORE.
    MORE loan programs, MORE lending flexibility, MORE loan officer experience!

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